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The History of FCC

This Monday night series of studies for women will return in the fall.


Faith Community Church began its ministry proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1984.  We are an independent, nondenominational fellowship.

Going and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ



I am so delighted that you have visited our website.   Faith Community Church is a place where you can find real answers to life's many difficulties.  Our website is set up to answer some basic, yet important, questions about God's community at FCC.  But before you surf the site, let me just say that we care about you as a human being created in the image of God.  We know that life is full of many problems and people are looking for real answers.  We believe we have them!
For most of us, the logical place to look for answers to life's issues is at the surface of the problem.  If you're short on money, you find a way to get some more.  If a relationship isn't working, you look for one that will.  If you're anxious, you take something or do something that will make it go away.  Although this approach to life pacifies us for a while, our hearts long for something true, something real, and something lasting.
We believe the real, the true, and the lasting is rooted in the spiritual.  It is the aspect of our lives that is hidden to the naked eye but shows up all over the place in the choices and actions of our everyday life.  Most people don't even realize that God created us spirit, soul, and body, and that each of those components has been fatally wounded by leaving God out of our lives.
Yet God has loved us anyway and has sent his son Jesus to restore that broken relationship.  Following his plan to take care of that relationship is the true, real, and lasting way to meet life's challenges face to face with confidence.  That is what we are all about at Faith Community Church.  We believe taking care of our real problem at the root is the source of healing, peace and joy to all other levels of life.  God's love through Jesus Christ is what is permeating every aspect of our lives at FCC.
So enjoy our site; or better yet, come and visit us sometime.  We know that God will have something special for you.
Pastor Dino Galati
Sunday Services                                               Location
9 a.m. - Life Development Hour                                  215 Newman Road
10:30 a.m. - Worship                                                  Mt. Pleasant, WI  53406
                                                                                    (262) 886-3766
A Church within a Church
Faith Community Church houses Racine's only Deaf Church - a vital congregation that is pastored and led by members of the deaf community for deaf people. 
Click on the following link for more information.
                                                   Deaf Church
Featured Events:

Life Development Hour is an education hour held at 9:00 a.m., directly after the worship service.  LD classes meet in trimesters.  There is something for all age levels.  Visitors and newcomers may join up with a class at anytime in the trimester.  Click here for the list of adult classes.

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We hope you come and visit us soon!


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